The Portraitist

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The Portraitist, a film by  Irek Dobrowolski

The Portraitist is a 2005 Polish television documentary film about the life and work of Wilhelm Brasse, the famous “photographer of Auschwitz”, made for TVP1, Poland, which first aired in its “Proud to Present” series on January 1, 2006.[1] It also premiered at the Polish Film Festival, at the West London Synagogue, in London, on March 19, 2007.



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Kali. Y. G. Srimati  (Indian, 1927–2007)

Kali is striding across a turbulent landscape of mottled cloudlike formations. Her power is embodied in her movement and in the animation of her skirt composed of strands of human skulls, which echoes the flaying movement of her ten arms. Together they create a cosmic circle of frightful energy. This authoritative representation demonstrates the artist’s almost subliminal understanding of the power of the goddess.

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