Anna Halprin, Dancing my cancer (1975)

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Anna Halprin – Wikipedia


La Mort en Direct, Bertrand Tavernier (1980)

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The Death Of Comedian Tommy Cooper, On The London Stage 1984

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Tommy Cooper was a welsh-born, British prop comedian and magician, famous for the red fez he always wore, and the persona he crafted of a magician whose tricks always go wrong. Cooper died on April 15, 1984, as he performed live on television for a variety show entitled “Live from her Majesty’s”. During a sketch in which he was to pull numerous objects from a gown, just after his assistant helped him put the gown on, Copper collapsed and sat against the curtain while the audience and his assistant laughed, thinking it was an impromptu part of his act. He then fell backwards onto his back, creating more laughs. However, as the minutes passed, it was apparent that something had actually gone wrong, and it wasn’t part of his act. Another curtain was closed to hide where he had fallen, and other acts carried on on the front of the stage. People backstage tried to resuscitate him but couldn’t. He was pronounced dead on arrival at Westminster hospital, from a heart attack. He was 63 years old.

Stendalì – Suonano ancora

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Titolo originale     Stendalì – Suonano ancora
Paese di produzione     Italia
Anno     1960
Durata     11 min.
Colore     bianco/nero
Audio     sonoro
Genere     documentario
Regia     Cecilia Mangini
Soggetto     Pier Paolo Pasolini
Sceneggiatura     Cecilia Mangini
Fotografia     Giuseppe De Mitri
Montaggio     Renato May
Musiche     Egisto Macchi

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