Woody Allen: Love and Death

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Suicide: Mike Kelly

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Mike Kelley (October 27, 1954 – January 31, 2012 or February 1, 2012) was an American artist. His work involved found objects, textile banners, drawings, assemblage, collage, performance and video. He often worked collaboratively and had produced projects with artists Paul McCarthy, Tony Oursler and John Miller.

Galvanism or animal electricity

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In biology, galvanism is the contraction of a muscle that is stimulated by an electric current. In physics and chemistry, it is the induction of electrical current from a chemical reaction, typically between two chemicals with differing electronegativities. [Wikipedia]

Le squelette joyeux, Auguste & Louis Lumière (1895)

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George Grozs

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Riot Of The Insane, 1915


Pandämonium. 1919

Suicide, 1916

Groucho Marx

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Unterstadt: the image and the death

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George Grosz as Dada Death in Berlin, 1918

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