Anna Halprin, Dancing my cancer (1975)

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Anna Halprin – Wikipedia


Stendalì – Suonano ancora

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Titolo originale     Stendalì – Suonano ancora
Paese di produzione     Italia
Anno     1960
Durata     11 min.
Colore     bianco/nero
Audio     sonoro
Genere     documentario
Regia     Cecilia Mangini
Soggetto     Pier Paolo Pasolini
Sceneggiatura     Cecilia Mangini
Fotografia     Giuseppe De Mitri
Montaggio     Renato May
Musiche     Egisto Macchi


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Kali. Y. G. Srimati  (Indian, 1927–2007)

Kali is striding across a turbulent landscape of mottled cloudlike formations. Her power is embodied in her movement and in the animation of her skirt composed of strands of human skulls, which echoes the flaying movement of her ten arms. Together they create a cosmic circle of frightful energy. This authoritative representation demonstrates the artist’s almost subliminal understanding of the power of the goddess.

Johann Georg Leinberger, 1729 – 1731

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Bamberg (Bayern), Heilig-Grab-Kapelle in St. Michael: Ölgemälde von Moritz Beckeradt nach Jakob Gebhard, Stuck von Johann Georg Leinberger, 1729-1731.

Die Heilig-Grab-Anlage im Kloster Michelsberg befindet sich in einem im zweiten Viertel des 18. Jahrhunderts speziell für diesen Zweck umgebauten und ausgestatteten Raum. Ganz außergewöhnlich und in dieser Art einmalig ist die Kombination des Grabes mit einem Totentanz, der sich in vielen Einzelszenen an der Decke ausbreitet und so eine enge Beziehung zwischen der Leidensgeschichte Jesu und der Allgegenwärtigkeit des Todes herstellt. Alte und Junge sowie Vertreter verschiedener Berufe werden auf allen Kontinenten zu jeder Jahreszeit mit dem Lebensende – dargestellt als Skelett – konfrontiert.

Woody Allen: Love and Death

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Weegee was the pseudonym of Arthur Fellig (June 12, 1899 – December 26, 1968), a photographer and photojournalist, known for his stark black and white street photography. Weegee worked in the Lower East Side of New York City as a press photographer during the 1930s and ’40s, and he developed his signature style by following the city’s emergency services and documenting their activity. Much of his work depicted unflinchingly realistic scenes of urban life, crime, injury and death. Weegee published photographic books and also worked in cinema, initially making his own short films and later collaborating with film directors such as Jack Donohue and Stanley Kubrick.

In Gordon Theisen’s book, Staying Up Much Too Late, he analyzes Fellig’s work as an example of art as a craft: “They [the photos] glisten with anguish and, taken as a group, provide a powerful vision of the most modern of cities as a modern inferno, where anything but especially death – whether accidental or resulting from passion or ruthless calculation – can happen anywhere, on any corner” (Theisen 50).

Suicide: Mike Kelly

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Mike Kelley (October 27, 1954 – January 31, 2012 or February 1, 2012) was an American artist. His work involved found objects, textile banners, drawings, assemblage, collage, performance and video. He often worked collaboratively and had produced projects with artists Paul McCarthy, Tony Oursler and John Miller.

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